Top Listed Places to See in Amsterdam

Tourism in Amsterdam i get to know the most important tourist places in Amsterdam… travel tips to the Netherlands, tours and enjoyment of the world’s tourist world have become one of the most keen things many people in the world are keen to do, so they always try or find the best tourist places for them and their family, and the most fun as well, hence we will find that tourism in Amsterdam is one of the most enjoyable places and tours we can enjoy with best car services, but before the visitor goes to the Netherlands and especially to Amsterdam for a tourist trip you must get to know all the areas and tourist places, which give him pleasure and benefit during his tour, as this beautiful and ancient city is full of many distinctive attractions and must be recognized in detail so that this tourist can enjoy his journey fully

As mentioned above, the state of the Netherlands or in particular Amsterdam is one of the most enjoyable tourist areas in the world and even the most important, so many Arab tourists and others always intend to travel to it for a pleasant and useful time, especially since most of Amsterdam‚Äôs monuments and tourist areas express artistic monuments, so they attract all people who are always fond of art and its owners, in addition to these attractive factors for tourism it has a distinctive climate and charming nature that makes everyone they are eager to travel to it.

Ricks Museum – The Rijksmuseum

this museum is one of the most prominent and important tourist attractions in the Netherlands in general and in Amsterdam in particular, so it is one of the most attractive landmarks of the city, and is an art repository for all the countries of europe, it was established in 1809 to host a huge variety of the greatest rare arts and monuments, and this world museum currently also houses seven million works of art, including about 5,000 important paintings distributed to 2500 room.

The museum also includes a rare and great collection of books consisting of about 35,000 books, manuscripts and magnificent medieval sculptures, and there is also a fun and varied collection of tours with some English guides so that these tourists can get to know all the sights of the museum.

Anne Frank’s Historic House – The Anne Frank Museum

this museum or this house is dedicated to displaying the short life details of one of the victims of the world-famous holocaust, as this house is the real house where members of the anne frank family hid for a long time during the events of world war ii, and this family of jewish refugees were natives of the german city of frankfurt during hitler’s rule and carried out a mass holocaust of jews.

This museum has details of the diary of mrs. Anne frank, which later became one of the bestsellers in the world after the end of the war and several years after her death anne died about two months before the end of the war, but a large part of this house was retained and was also during the time of anne and has become an influential historical monument to this tragic period of jewish history.

Van Gogh Museum – The Van Gogh Museum

This museum is one of the most famous museums in the world, a few artists captured the ideas and imaginations of the people in the 19th century and was one of these artists the international artist vincent van gogh, all his amazing works were precisely inspired by his life and its tragic events as well as his wonderful talent.

It can be said that up to half a million people from all over the world go to this museum annually as the van gogh museum is one of the most important and famous art exhibitions in the world as well as the second most famous and visited museums in the netherlands, and this museum houses a collection of the largest paintings in the world, of which van gogh specializes in more than 200 paintings and h to 500 other drawings, in addition to them nearly 700 letters left from van gogh were included in the collection, in addition to the presence of many works of art.

Westerkerk Church

The church of worcester kirk, this giant and famous church, was the wedding site of former queen patrick in 1966, and is one of the most important religious and tourist areas in amsterdam in addition to being the most popular church in the netherlands in general and in the city in particular, it is worth mentioning that this church was completed in 1630 and thus dates back to the renaissance years in the netherlands and the church included many internal and external features as well.

The most important of these features is its tower, which is approximately 85 meters long and thus is considered the highest tower in amsterdam, and on the edge of the tower is placed a huge copy of the emperor’s crown and was placed there during the memory of the famous emperor maximilian of austria, who was cured of the disease in 1489 in amsterdam and thus decided to give the city his full protection, and on the other hand the church contains approximately 48 bells the largest weigh more than three tons.

Amsterdam Royal Palace – The Royal Palace Amsterdam

One of amsterdam’s most famous and important tourist attractions, this royal palace is formerly located in the city hall and serves as a residence for the king while in the city, and the construction of this palace was a great and huge task, it began construction in 1648, and one of the most important features of the palace is that from the outside it is a classic tourism in amsterdam form and style, while from the inside it was designed and brushed elegantly and wonderfully, and has been decorated with a wealth of distinctive inscriptions and exteriors and many also marble sculptures placed alongside hanab with magnificent ceiling paintings belong to the duo ferdinand paul and govert flink.

in addition, it includes a collection of the finest and finest furniture collections in the world, and this palace also includes a collection of marble fireplaces and some paintings painted by the artist cornelius holstein and other great artists in the world.

Maritime Museum

This maritime museum is also one of amsterdam’s most important and famous¬†tourism¬†events, which will be enjoyed by family members, including children and adults, especially after it was recently renovated, the most prominent of which is a very old ship, an archaeological dating back to the 17th century ad, which was displayed using modern display techniques and some special effects.

Tulip Market

  • Tulips are a very special feature of your tour of¬†Amsterdam,¬†which some even consider to be the country’s official flower. Therefore, your visit to Amsterdam may not be complete if you do not enjoy the fragrance and beauty of these flowers and one of Amsterdam’s most famous tulips is the so-called Floating Market (BloemenMarkt) unique all over the world.
  • If your visit to Amsterdam will be during the spring months, you can also visit one of the world’s most famous tulip fields (Bollenstreek), about 20 minutes from outside the city.
  • There are also many interesting, enjoyable and tourist attractions by Airsial tour booking in Amsterdam that can be visited and seen while visiting the city’s landmarks as there are nearly 30 public parks open to the public.