7 Marketing Tips for Instagram

Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms that exist. As a part of Facebook Instagram, it is used by more than one billion people, so it is not unsurprising that companies want to be aware of Instagram marketing.

The app that started as a picture-sharing app has become an acknowledged marketing tool that will assist you in selling more products and earning money online.

In this post, we’ll provide the most reliable Instagram marketing strategies that will aid you in promoting your business’s presence on Instagram.

Why Should You Use Instagram to Market?

As per this HootSuite website, 75.3 percent of companies use Instagram, which makes it the second most used social media platform for businesses.

If you’re still not on the Instagram bandwagon, here are some numbers¬†to help get you going:

  • Instagram hosts more than 1 billion monthly active users and more than 500 million active daily users.
  • Over 100 million pictures or videos get uploaded each day, resulting in more than 4.2 billion likes.
  • About 37 percent of adult users living in the US use Instagram, and approximately 89 percent are located outside of the country.
  • Instagram is very popular with teenagers, and 70% of them believe that it’s the most effective method for brands to get in touch with teens.
  • An average Instagram user spends around 28 minutes a day browsing the application.

Marketing on Instagram: 7 Tips to Follow

#1 Create a stunning profile

People who don’t understand your business or the services you offer will evaluate you based on your online profile. So be sure you pay attention to your profile.

The most crucial part is your bio. It must be brief but also informative. The company will only allow 150 characters for the memoir, so take care.

Write down what you’re doing in the shortest number of words feasible.¬†Also, think about the possibility of adding the¬†buy button on your profile so that buyers can buy directly through it.

It is also possible to use hashtags in your bios to let people know who you are. It can also be an effective way to promote your specific brand hashtags.

Additionally, you can include the link to your bio. This is crucial because Instagram hashtags cannot permit users to include hyperlinks in posts; therefore, bios are your only choice.

The company has explained its process and has also provided an online link to make it easy for users to navigate it.

Furthermore, ensure that your profile appears professional and follows the right design. Take a look at the image above and note how nearly every image on the page is made of pink shades. Through the years, the Instagram user base has increased dramatically and continues to expand. After transforming from a site where travelers share photos of their trips, Instagram has become a place for companies with more than one billion users, including influencers, influencers, and advertising.

This can help establish the identity of an account and is helpful in the process of growing followers.

Be sure to make your profile public so that those who do not follow you can view it. You can free Instagram likes with Mr. Insta.

#2 Pay attention to the numbers

When we speak of numbers, we’re talking about everything from the number of followers in your reach to your engagement.

Instagram has removed the number of likes the post receives from specific users. However, some may consider this a controversial decision and not a good idea; some favor it because it eases the pressure. However, page or brand owners can access much of the analytical information that followers might not have access to.

#3 Work Together with an Influencer

We cannot stress this enough. Influencer marketing can be described as a new trend. It is predicted that the industry will be at 15 billion dollars by the 15 billion dollar mark in 2022.

Before we discuss the significance of influencer marketing, we should discuss how it works.

An influencer is an individual on social media with many followers, which grants an individual the power to influence other people.

In simple terms, they are models or ambassadors that aid brands in reaching a larger population. The typical cost of their services is dependent on several aspects, including their image, bear, and more.

From major brands like Audi to small-scale businesses, many brands work with influencers. There are influencers across every platform, but Instagram is believed to be the most popular platform for influencers because it is the platform that is acknowledged for launching the field.

There are macro and micro-influencers. Micro-influencers generally have around 10,000 followers. They’re ideal for local businesses because they are small in reach and are usually restricted to a particular geographic region.

Most micro-influencers will bargain, and some may even offer to work in exchange for free services if you provide them publicity or free goods as a reward. There are various influencer databases like Influencer that allow you to connect with influential people and bargain with them.

However, working with macro-influencers may be a bit challenging. They could have more than one million followers. Some of the most influential influencers are Kim Kardashian and Dwayne Johnson, who is believed to charge around $1 million for each sponsored post.

If your company can afford to work with an influential influencer, contact them to finalize the arrangement. The return on investment could be as high as 500 percent, provided you select the correct influencer, i.e., an influencer with an excellent name and is a favorite of the people you want to reach.

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#4 Strengthen Your Hashtag Game

The most effective way to gain the most followers to follow on Instagram is to utilize hashtags. Around 70% of hashtags used on the platform are associated with brands.

Instagram lets users look up what they are looking for through hashtags. Posts that contain at minimum one hashtag get around 12.6 percentage points higher engagement than posts without hashtags.

You can utilize as many as 30 hashtags in the post. The data suggests posts that include 11 hashtags tend to perform the best. However, there isn’t a consensus on this. Try various numbers to see what you like best.

You must be extremely cautious when choosing hashtags. Do not put something in there because it’s trending or popular.

All of your hashtags should be relevant. You can utilize the built-in Discovery feature to discover the most popular posts.

The platform also lets users search for Emojis. If you’re committed to using hashtags, we suggest you utilize an external hashtag tool that could recommend the most popular hashtags relevant to your area or field of work.

Specific software like Ingramer can estimate the number of followers and users could draw with a particular hashtag.

#5 Captions for Posts To Sell

The purpose of captions is to inform your readers what the post has to say.

People who read captions love them, not only for their educational value but also because they’re enjoyable.

Your captions should have a maximum amount of 220 characters. However, you don’t need to write extended captions. Kurz’s descriptions can be very effective too. The key is writing captions that are useful and simple to read.

There are many options for what you can put in the CTA depending on the content you’re promoting:

  • If it’s teasers of an upcoming film, post information about it, including the date.
  • If you’re publishing a tutorial, you should give a step-by-step guide in the caption.
  • If you’re uploading an interview, you may summarize it in the caption or emphasize the topics discussed in the video.
  • When it’s an internet meme, you can include a single word to make people laugh.
  • If you’re sharing a photo to promote your item, include the details like the product’s name, its price, etc.

Whatever you decide to post, ensure that you include the CTA in the caption. Your viewers may not understand what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s not a bad idea to provide some clarification. It can be achieved by using hashtags like “buy now” or the request to click on your link within the bio.

#6: Give away giveaways and host competitions

A simple way to promote your products or services via Instagram is to provide the possibility of a giveaway, i.e., an offer to your followers in exchange for them promoting your product or service.

The trick is easy, request your followers to take something to help you gain more followers. It is possible to ask them to

  • Tag at least three of your friends in your post
  • Share a video or photo on their page with your specific brand hashtag
  • Click a picture beside your brand’s logo and then tag your business

These tricks will aid you in gaining more followership. Apart from giveaways, you could also organize contests.

There’s a slight distinction between these two. They don’t require the participants to perform anything other than taking part in the contest by posting comments or doing a couple of small things.

Competitions, however, require competitors to be qualified. There is a range of conditions:

  • Whoever comes up with the most creative caption wins.
  • The photographer who takes the best photo takes home the prize.

You can be as inventive as you’d like to be. Explore the possibilities and think of ideas that will attract attention.

#7 Form Connections to Other

Few things are as solid as bonds.

This can be somewhat difficult for brands as numerous legal and other concerns could be considerable. It is not possible to partner with another company without doing your investigation. But influencers and users can quickly establish connections with users of other brands and increase their followers.

Most influencers will join forces with other influencers to produce exciting content. Logan Paul, one of the most well-known social media stars, established partnerships with several different Instagrammers and social media celebrities like Bradley Martyn.

Makeup artists work with models, photographers, and other makeup artists to develop innovative campaigns that draw attention to causes that can benefit all those who are.

An effective way to begin an acquaintance is to follow those you’re interested in. like and leave comments on their pictures, to start with a short introduction.

It is also possible to be clear and provide collaboration; however, this strategy could not always be practical. Work with others who share the same industry as you. For instance, if you’re a fitness expert, you need to work with a nutritionist, fitness trainer, and gym owner.

Establishing a relationship with a mechanic, or dentist, for instance, may not be very useful, and the person you are collaborating with might not be interested in working with you.