Why Should You Choose Hurricane Proof Windows?

The difference between hurricane impact windows and ordinary windows is that impact windows are subjected to a battery of rigorous tests to determine how resilient the window is in the event of a storm. They are intended to handle flying debris as well as strong winds. While they cannot be guaranteed to withstand any storm, they are undoubtedly more hurricane-resistant than standard windows. Aside from being hurricane-resistant, hurricane impact windows provide year-round benefits.

They block 99 percent of UV light that is transmitted

You may have observed that in some homes, furniture that has been struck by sunlight shining through a window has some type of damage. The damage is usually right in line with where the sunshine strikes the furniture. The source of this sort of furniture deterioration is not worn and tear, but UV radiation that enters via vulnerable windows. Impact windows, on the other hand, defend against UV radiation, allowing you to keep your furnishings and your skin safe from UV rays.

Tornado and severe thunderstorm protection.

Storms occur all year, yet their ferocity is not always predicted.  Hurricane proof Glass offers protection from a variety of storms, including hail, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, tropical thunderstorms, and anything with the intensity of a hurricane. Because you don’t have to worry about defending your windows as much as you would with regular windows, the return on investment is year-round convenience. You won’t have to worry about your windows being the first item to break in the event of a severe weather disaster.


The noise-canceling feature of hurricane impact windows is very appealing. Whether you live near a lot of traffic or have to deal with construction noise regularly, hurricane impact windows eliminate the sensation that there is no barrier between you and all of the commotion that might occur outside. Thunderstorms aren’t as loud with these windows, and neither are external disturbances you may normally hear from inside your home.

Resistance to Intrusion

Because hurricane impact windows are designed to resist strong winds and debris being thrown around at high speeds, they can endure quite severe kinds of impact. These windows do not shatter when struck, no matter how powerful the force. When an impact window is struck hard enough, it splinters, producing spider web-like fractures in the window. Impact windows are made up of many layers of glass that are separated by a plastic interlayer. In the event of significant damage to the window, this plastic interlayer retains the glass intact after impact, leaving homeowners with no glass fragments to clean.

Installation just once

Hurricane shutters are a common solution for hurricane-proofing windows. While they can be highly useful to regular windows in the event of a hurricane, having to take them on and off every time, there is a significant storm might be annoying. This is especially true when the forecasted hurricanes do not make landfall at all. Hurricane impact windows only need to be installed once. In the case of a severe rainstorm, there is no need to remove any component of the window and replace it. They are just as protective in the first storm as they will be in every subsequent storm.

Exceptional Appearance

When preparing your home for a major hurricane, it’s natural to turn to window-covering measures to safeguard your windows. Hurricane windows, on the other hand, are not needed to be covered. If the electricity goes out during a storm, you won’t be sitting in full darkness due to the hurricane shutters protecting your window. While covering your windows might be useful for safety reasons regardless of the type of window you have, there is less of a need to do so with impact windows because they can resist hurricane force. Impact Windows have been tested in this capacity.

Hurricane season may be a long, drawn-out, and frightening experience. When you have windows with hurricane-proof glass, you add another protection to the list of hurricane-preparation activities you must complete.

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