New Features and Improvements in QuickBooks Online Payroll

Productivity hacks come as a surprise to some of us at this time of year. This is called the new semester. Check out the latest QuickBooks® features and product upgrades to help you get up to speed, at least until the latest TV shows are on hold.

Improving the Chart of Accounts Experience for New Customers on QuickBooks Online

In short: the rethinking chart of accounts experience allows you to quickly find and review your data using simple search terms and a more detailed chart of accounts appropriate to your business unit.

The Accounts table lists the company’s accounts and their balances. We’ve also used it to categorize all transactions, from sales forms to reports and tax forms, so we’ve made some improvements to make it easier to retrieve data when tax time is ready.

  • A new chart of accounts structure based on the entity.
  • Smart search function. You can search for your account using your own keywords.
  • New “new” ledger drawers and railings for Business View customers. This avoids the creation of duplicate or unnecessary accounts that can ruin your books.

This new experience will be available by the end of October 2021. Expansion

Search Enhancements for QuickBooks Desktop Migrants

In short: From now on, you can quickbooks download to  will find that migrating from your desktop to QuickBooks Online will improve your search experience.

The search experience was recently updated for QuickBooks Online users, but those doing the desktop migration had to use the older search experience. This new rollout makes it much easier to find all imported data once the desktop to QuickBooks Online migration is complete.

QuickBooks Online Advanced New Multi-Company Reports Tab

Simply put, the new Multi-Co Reports tab on the Reports page gives you quick access to fathomed company reports.

If you manage multiple companies in QuickBooks Online Advanced, Fathom allows you to compare data from those companies and combine them into one report. The new Multi-Co reporting tab gives you quick access to reports from multiple companies. With the better user experience within Fathom, you can even see the bigger picture at a glance. see how it works

Add Attachments to QuickBooks Online Advanced Functions

Simply put, having all the relevant information in one place makes it easier to get your work done. So I created the ability to add attachments when assigning tasks.

Previously, work-related information could only be included by entering it in the Notes section or by sharing it outside of QuickBooks Online Advanced. From this month you can add related files along with your tasks so that the assigned person has all the information they need. how to use task

Automated Payroll now supports multiple payroll schedules

Simply put, if you have employees with multiple payroll schedules, you can now use automated payroll to process your team’s payroll automatically and accurately.

Automated Payroll is designed to save you time on repetitive payroll tasks. This feature initially supported customers with one payment schedule (for example, every other week), but now supports customers with multiple payment schedules. This added flexibility allows you to customize how often your employees are paid monthly, weekly or as needed.

On the Automatic Payroll Details page, you can view the status of your employees and manage your payroll schedule.

QuickBooks Online Payroll: Employee Tax Setting Flexibility

In short: no one likes to disrupt the workflow. That’s why we’ve added an option in QuickBooks to seamlessly change employee tax information. You do not need to contact customer service.

Specifically, for full-service payroll customers (Core/Premium/Elite), you have more flexibility:

  • change employee tax exemption
  • Update employee local tax settings

To change an employee’s tax exemption, go to the Withholding section (enter tax details such as W-4) and select Tax exemption. This expands the section to show the options you can choose from.

To update an employee’s local tax settings, go to the Withholding section and select Local tax. If you don’t see the local tax you’re looking for, select the Edit Location link.

QuickBooks Online Payroll Pay Fix

In a nutshell: As of the end of October, all online payroll customers (Core, Premium, Elite) have the option to disable, delete, and edit past payroll in QuickBooks without calling customer care. You will be able to do this. Please note that salary adjustment can be done only if no tax has been filed during that period.

The newly adjusted pay includes the following steps that you can take to view your tax liability changes and resolve issues of overpayment or underpayment.