The Secret And Mysterious Life Of Chintan k Patel

Every city has its own set of secrets to share. Some of these are kept under the cover of a secret in the bright daylight. Others have the courage to come out only at night. These secrets define the essence of a city in every single term. These secrets are the ones that mark the dark side of every story within the area. The entire notion of dark secrets is to make sure that the saga is filled with flaws as well as good sides. Chintan k Patel has shared an image on Instagram, which has consolidated this point quite clearly. The story behind the image is the secret that we wish to decipher!

Prolific Selection Of Image

Chintan k Patel has been a prolific image selector. He has several images taken over time and he knows the right ones to post with the right captions. The one that we are talking about right now has been taken in Ohio, Cincinnati. The image can be called out in several dimensions. Unlike most of the images that have been taken by Chintan k Patel, this photograph cannot be judged as an image of his own. 

Behind a large and bright hanging bridge, Chintan k Patel cannot be seen clearly. His silhouette is visible behind the bright light of the hanging bridge in Ohio. Also, unlike most of his images, this particular photograph has not been clicked in any area adjoining Chicago. It is almost like Patel wished to discover another part of the area he was living in!

The Secrecy In The Caption

The caption which has been placed with this particular image is quite appropriate. Chintan k Patel has written that the Sun always watched him. This can be a reference to the fact that the sun remains predominant in most parts of the day and people mostly conduct their works in the day hours. However, there are times when all secrets cannot be carried out by the morning hours. There are secrets that are carried out by night and it is only the moon that gets to know about these secrets. Chintan Patel has added that Moon knows all of his secrets as she watches him while he gets on with his nightly prowls. 

Chintan k Patel has clearly mentioned in this caption that he has some of the secrets which cannot be shared across the world with everyone even if they are very close to him. Chintan Patel has never been one of the people who let their secret out in the front. In this case, he lets some of the people into his shell. These people are the ones who get to know the inner secrets and the small mysteries that exist about this young man. Even if you are quite sure that you know someone well, it is sure that there will be some secrets of which you will not be aware. 

Your Personal Life Should Stay Like A Mystery

Therefore, you must place your loyalties accordingly as well. You cannot hope to trust everyone around you. Keep in touch with the realities of life and make sure that you are binding to your words as well. This will help you to lead a mysterious life, like Chintan k Patel as well.

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