Tips to succeed as a Mobile Notary?

A Connecticut mobile notary, also known as a traveling notary, is a commissioned notary public that offers on-the-spot notary services at your preferred  location at a time convenient to you.  The job of a mobile notary is quite an exciting one as it allows you to interact and assist different individuals in notarizing their legal papers.

As a mobile notary, you are authorized to verify the identity of the signers, witness signatures of all the parties involved, and certify legal papers by affixing their official stamp or seal. A lot of individuals, attorneys, insurance brokers, Escrow companies, realtors, healthcare providers, auto-dealers, and lenders in Connecticut rely on mobile notary services to get their legal documents notarized.

However, you need to work hard to become a recognized mobile notary as simply having a certificate stating that you are a licensed mobile notary public will not result in sales for you on its own. In today’s post, we will go over a few tips to help you establish yourself as a successful mobile notary so that you can keep business moving ahead.

  1. The first criterion for being a successful mobile notary is that you must be available to work around your clients’ schedules.

  2. As a mobile notary, you must be ready to work promptly and efficiently. You can become a successful mobile notary only if you are available round-the-clock to assist your clients even on weekends and holidays. What’s more, the best mobile notaries also offer same-day rush services to get last-minute documents notarized. 

  3. You must have a mode of transportation, a car or a bike to travel to your clients’ designated spot. Simultaneously, keep your vehicle in good working order to avoid breakdowns. Also, you must be aware of the local roads and traffic patterns.

  4. Set a reasonable fee after taking into account the time you would spend commuting to and from your appointment location, as well as the approximate duration of the appointment. Despite the fact that certain states limit the amount a notary can charge for a single notarized signature, you can charge extra for traveling to the client. Take into consideration the costs that other mobile notaries in your area charge to avoid overpricing your services. It’s also a good idea to let your client know what your cost will be in advance.

How to Connect with Clients?

While some Mobile notaries work for mobile notarization companies, others work independently. As an independent mobile notary, there are several ways of finding clients looking for notarial services. 

  • The best way is to join a Notary Association, which acts as a “mediator” for mobile notaries, helping to bring clients and mobile notary agents together. 
  • Make contact with local businesses such as real estate companies, in your neighborhood that uses notary services.
  • Promote your services via social media platforms or yellow pages.
  • You may also create a personal website as the majority of clients count on Google for searching for the best Connecticut mobile notary.

Last but not least, make sure you provide excellent mobile notary services so that the same clientele would return to you in the future. Also, you must be on time for your appointments and have a professional demeanor. Last but not least, client information should be kept private, and client documents should be handled with caution. This will assist you in gaining and maintaining the trust of your clients.