Oral Care Innovation: SmileDirectClub Introduces New Pro Whitening System

SmileDirectClub first opened its doors in 2014 as a medtech platform providing teeth-straightening products. One of the few aligner brands to offer end-to-end care for every aspect of oral hygiene, SmileDirectClub has gained nationwide attention after introducing its brand-new Pro Whitening System.

The Pro Whitening System was introduced by SmileDirectClub alongside the brand’s top-selling whitening gel, Bright On. With a baked-in following of oral care enthusiasts, SmileDirectClub seeks to provide convenient and long-lasting whitening results to clients of all income levels and lifestyles.

Pro Whitening System: 3 Steps to Brightening Success

With a public goal of democratizing access to a care-free smile, SmileDirectClub has positioned itself as a leader in the market by offering affordable pro whitening systems to customers throughout the United States and Canada at corresponding retail locations and dental care facilities. The Pro Whitening System seeks to continue the efforts instigated by SmileDirectClub’s Bright On system.

The SmileDirectClub Pro Whitening System offers a simple three-step process that can be replicated from the comfort of home without additional need for professional assistance.

1. Apply ProActivate Whitening Accelerator Toothpaste

Customers who explore the benefits of the new Pro Whitening System will begin the process by utilizing the trademarked ProActivate Whitening Accelerator Toothpaste by SmileDirectClub. This accelerating toothpaste works by targeting plaque, stains, and debris found deep within their mouths.

By utilizing the ProActivate Whitening Accelerator Toothpaste, users who implement the Pro Whitening System will enhance each additional step in the process.  This is a continued theme across SmileDirectClub’s patented whitening systems.

2. Apply ProBrighten Whitening Gel

Created with enamel-safe whitening agents, the ProBrighten Whitening Gel is applied as the second step in the Pro Whitening System. According to SmileDirectClub, more than 80 percent of individuals around the nation require oral care but less than one percent of individuals will pursue it. The ProBrighten Whitening Gel seeks to bridge the gap between necessary care and acquired care by utilizing a whitening agent embraced by dentists.

Once applied, the ProBrighten Whitening Gel works alongside the 20-LED accelerator light by SmileDirectClub to keep the brightening process going.

3. Finish With ProLong Whitening Extender Gel

The final step in the Pro Whitening System involves the application of the ProLong Whitening Extender Gel. Where the ProBrighten Whitening Gel set the stage for a cleaner and healthier mouth, the Whitening Extender Gel seeks to help the customer’s teeth from future food and beverage stains.

By finishing the process with ProLong Whitening Extender Gel, clients utilizing SmileDirectClub’s newest Pro Whitening System will find that longevity and brightened teeth can go together.

State of the Art Technology and Innovation

SmileDirectClub was borne out of the idea that everybody should be able to afford the premium oral care that they deserve. First opening its doors in 2014, SmileDirectClub has since helped provide more than one million individuals with the products necessary to transform their smiles through innovative medtech solutions.

Josh Chapman, Chief Global Brand Officer at SmileDirectClub, delivered a statement in support of the new Pro Whitening System. Chapman pointed to the popular Bright On kit to say, “We knew that customers loved the results” but that they wanted to look for “even more speed, proven results, and longevity.” 

The goal of the new Pro Whitening System released by SmileDirectClub is to provide clients with access to the necessary and proven results promised to them. The Pro Whitening System requires that each treatment be followed for one week before results are registered. According to Josh Chapman, the Pro Whitening System can lead to brightening upwards of nine shades whiter with results lasting up to six months.

Right now, customers can shop for SmileDirectClub products from more than 1,000 partnered dental office locations as well as with numerous affiliated dentists and orthodontists. SmileDirectClub has also increased its presence in premium retailers like Walmart, numbering 3,600 locations at the retailing giant alone.

Most recently, SmileDirectClub has officially expanded its oral care line into the Canadian market by coming to terms with numerous Walmarts in the country. The deal was first announced in late February 2021 before more details were added.

New products available at Walmart Canada locations include:

SmileDirectClub Blurple Electric Toothbrush — This electric toothbrush is purported to clean more than 50% better than comparable manual brushes. Quiet sonic vibration allows bristles to do their job without the handle ever shaking for a more comfortable experience. This toothbrush also features a 3-in-1 case that holds a mirror, a cover, and a stand.

Bright On Premium Teeth Whitening Kit – Alluded to prior, the Bright On Premium Teeth Whitening Kit is hitting shelves in Canadian Walmarts to provide immediate whitening results. This award-winning premium teeth whitening package includes a 20-LED accelerator, a range of whitening pens, and enamel-safe ingredients. While results will vary based upon the individual, the Bright On Premium Teeth Whitening Kit promises a brighter and whiter smile for nearly six months.

Amy Keith, Vice President of Retail with SmileDirectClub, stated, “We continue to push boundaries to make oral care accessible.”  SmileDirectClub currently has plans to continue expanding into other markets, with a particular focus currently placed on the Netherlands.

About SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub operates as an oral care provider and innovator within the medtech sector. Focused on teeth whitening and straightening, SmileDirectClub has been behind several revolutionary oral care products including its Bright On Kit and corresponding Pro Whitening System.

An all-in-one provider of oral care solutions, SmileDirectClub now services its telehealth technology through Walmart locations throughout North America and Canada. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, SmileDirectClub now operates out of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, U.K., Austria, Germany, and many more countries to come.

Customers interested in pursuing the Pro Whitening System will want to contact SmileDirectClub directly to explore appropriate qualifications. SmileDirectClub accepts Single Pay, SmilePay, and can even be purchased through several insurance companies.