How to Find Influencers on TikTok

We’ve made this task easy for you. With Popular Pays, you can browse through 500 000 TikTok influencers swiftly and efficiently to identify the best creative partners on the platform with our free search tool! When choosing creators and influencers, take note of your content performance. We provide a visual representation of this measure on their profile and across their collaboration with you to monitor content performances over time.

How to Work with the influencers of TikTok Effectively

When you decide on the most appropriate influencers for your campaign, it’s essential to ensure that you’re creating the perfect campaign to achieve your goals and communicating these objectives clearly and concisely to the influencer partners. You can also buy TikTok views with YTpals. The three most crucial things to be aware of while you’re creating your influencer marketing program on TikTok are:

Establish clear goals for marketing

Setting clear goals for your program and advertising your objectives to the influencer collaborators you’re working with is a crucial first step when creating your influencer marketing strategy. As an example, the aim of your campaign might be to boost sales for a particular product, or it could be to increase the visibility of your brand. Whatever your marketing goals of the campaign, you must ensure that they’re clearly defined and communicated to influencers you collaborate with.

Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your audience’s needs is essential for the successful execution of any marketing campaign, as influencer marketing is no different. Knowing what demographics define your targeted audience and their desires, interests, and pain points will allow you to design campaigns specifically designed to appeal to those TikTok users most likely to react positively to your advertisements.

Make sure that the influencer is aligned with your Brand.

One of the most important aspects of selecting the most appropriate influencers for your campaign is to ensure that their branding is consistent with yours. For instance, if you’re selling cosmetics, it’s not sensible to work with an influencer who mostly posts TikTok videos that focus on the wilderness. While this may be an obvious example of what not to do when coordinating with an influencer with your brand, it’s nevertheless essential to select influencers who have a following of followers that are compatible with your brand’s target audience.

How to Assess The Success of TikTok

There are a variety of benchmarks you can utilize to assess the success of your company’s TikTok content that include the following metrics:

  • Engage percentage: The more people who interact with your TikTok videos, whether by watching them and commenting on them or “liking” them, the greater the likelihood that other users will see your content. If you’d like to make viral videos that are displayed to the maximum number of TikTok users as you can, engagement rate is an important measure.
  • Conversion percentage: If your TikTok ads direct users to a web page or landing page specifically designed to attract leads, the conversion rate is an excellent measure.
  • Shares: Shares can be a measurement that is a factor in engagement rate; however, it’s also a metric that is significant enough to monitor by itself. Each time a TikTok video gets shared and viewed by users, the number of people who view it increases exponentially, making a significant amount of shares the primary goal of every TikTok marketing program.