How To Work From Home: The Most Productive Gadgets?

We are not used to working from home. But the quarantine has forced us to work from home, and we’ve become accustomed to it. One of the reasons for this is the way we have organized our work from the home environment. Given that you’re probably working from home as well, we thought we’d share a few gadgets that we use to stay productive. You may thank us later, but for now, bookmark this list of the great tech gadgets for working from home.

A Pair Of Wireless Headphones

If there’s a lot of noise in your house, nothing beats a set of wireless headphones to drown it out. Why use wireless? It’s for those long Zoom meetings when you need to stretch and wander about without having to disconnect from the call or carry your laptop around. The JBL T460BT Extra Bass Wireless On-Ear Headphones are our favorite. We’ve been using these for a year and they’re a great pair. The bass is excellent, and the built-in microphone makes it ideal for video meetings and phone conversations.

An Adapter With Multiple Ports

If you have a MacBook or one of those company-issued computers with few or no USB ports, nothing beats investing in a multi-port adaptor to let you connect all of your gadgets to your laptop and lessen the bother. If you have an Apple MacBook, you might look at the Kapa 5-in-1 USB Adapter, which includes a USB 3.0 adaptor as well as a 4K HDMI adapter. It is also compatible with other laptop computers.

A Wi-Fi Speaker

It’s an excellent friend to have when working from home. The Amazon Echo Dot is our favorite because it does the job of setting reminders and alarms especially when you have a long workweek. Men set reminders to drink water and eat lunch. Aside from that, Alexa is wonderful for news updates and basic information. Also, did you know there are a plethora of entertaining games you can play with Alexa?

A Portable Speaker

While we’re talking about speakers, investing in a wireless speaker is preferable to utilizing your laptop’s speakers or being continually connected with headphones or earphones. The majority of the staff listens to music on these portable wireless speakers, and our favorites are the JBL Go 2 and the Sony XB01. Both of these speakers have a lengthy playback time on a single charge and have excellent sound quality.

A Desktop Supporter

A desktop fan is essential, especially given how hot it is right now. We adore the TopMate Mini Fan, which you can put on your desk to keep you cool, literally. The fan offers selectable speed settings and a 360-degree revolution. What’s more, the finest part? With its USB cord, you may connect it to your laptop or desktop computer. 

A Laptop Cooling Pad

A laptop cooling pad is a multipurpose tool you should invest in if you don’t want your laptop to heat up, especially now that you are multitasking and making many video chats. We utilized the Xmate Laptop Cooling Pad at work, and we miss it now that we neglected to bring it home with us. Its height is adjustable, and the fan speed may be changed. It also has an LED light to make it look cool.

An Extender For Wifi

We realized that this is a very useful feature to have, especially if your router is in another location and there are too many people using your WiFi. We swear by the TP-Link N300 Wireless Extender because it keeps us from missing calls or having spotty internet when we’re too far away from the router.